Information about an unplanned pregnancy for the Dutch Caribbean

If you become pregnant unintentionally, you may feel confused. The pregnancy was not planned and now you have to think about what you want to do. There are several choices you can make in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.

You have several choices:

Raising the child yourself

If you choose to carry your pregnancy to term and raise your child yourself, you don't have to do so alone. Ask your parents, family, friends or someone else for support or see a counsellor in your area. 


You can also choose to terminate your pregnancy. This is called an abortion. Treatment options depend on the length of your pregnancy. An abortion is allowed up to 22 weeks of pregnancy. Between 22 and 24 weeks, a doctor or doctors will decide if it is still possible. Since 1 January 2023, there is no longer a mandatory 5-day reflection period. The woman determines with the doctor if and when the termination can take place.  

For an abortion up to 9 weeks, you can opt for a pharmacologic termination of the pregnancy. This is also called an abortion pill treatment. Contact your GP to ask who on the island is permitted to prescribe the abortion pill.   

If you want an abortion after 9 weeks of pregnancy, you can go to Fundashon Mariadal Bonaire. Residents of St. Eustatius and Saba can do this with a medical referral to Bonaire. You can discuss this option with your GP.   

Between 20 and 24 weeks, a specialised team will decide if an abortion is still possible.

If you do not wish to terminate the pregnancy but have doubts about your ability to care for the child, talk to the Guardianship Council, your GP, midwife or the baby clinic. They can tell you what is possible in your case.

Younger than 18

If you are a minor and you want to terminate the pregnancy, you need permission from your parent(s) or guardian.

Still having doubts about your choice?

Want to get started yourself with online exercises to help you choose? Sign up for the free online environment 'I'm pregnant, what can I do?' This online module is available in Dutch for women and men.

Would you like personal assistance in making a choice? You can see below the options listed by island.

Contacting the Unplanned Pregnancy Information Centre

The information centre can be reached via chat or telephone.  


It is possible to schedule an appointment by phone. 
To do so, fill in this form and an information centre staff member will contact you on the day you prefer. Missed a call? You will be called back a maximum of two times.
Because of the time difference and possible phone charges* for you, the information centre works with a call-back appointment system. 

* Most providers do not charge for international calls received. If you would like to be sure about this, check with your provider.  


It is possible to ask your question in our chat service. Keep in mind the time difference between the Caribbean Netherlands and the European Netherlands. It is always possible to reopen your chat at a later time.

Go directly to the chat service.

Information for help after abortion

During the decision-making process, as well as afterwards, there may be all sorts of feelings and questions that continue to occupy your mind. 

Online self-help

An online module has been developed to help you through this process. 

Online self-help after an abortion is for women aged 16 and older and consists of several sections on such topics as regret, shame and grief. You will be given information about this and can complete assignments that will help you deal with these feelings. You can complete the online exercises at your own pace. 

The module is currently offered only in Dutch. 

Severe complaints

If you are suffering from more severe complaints, such as depression or anxiety disorder, then this self-help after abortion is not suitable. In that case you should contact your doctor and/or treatment practitioner for appropriate counselling. 

Do you want personal help in processing the abortion? You can see below where to go per island, for abortion aftercare. Or you can contact the Unplanned Pregnancy Information Centre.